The Oklahoma Tax Commission initiated a tax exemption program on July 1 of last year for Oklahoma's disabled veterans. This program benefits the nearly 9,600 veterans we have in our state and is a positive way to recognize the men and women who have sacrificed their health for our country.

Section 9 of House Bill 1547 states that disabled veterans are eligible for exemption from all sales taxes that include city, county and state and that it shall not exceed $25,000 per year per individual.

Disabled veteran and Tupelo resident Craig Turney commented on how the state is helping the veterans and said, "They're actually treating us very well."

According to a poll conducted by the Disabled American Veterans website, “Americans are united in their belief that Congress and the President have a responsibility to make sure that veterans receive their benefits after military service.” The poll also shows that more than 74 percent believe the government “has a very big responsibility to make sure that veterans receive their benefits in a timely manner.”

So far, it has been estimated that approximately 4,300 tax exempt cards have been issued to veterans.

This exemption is just the latest attempt from the state to accommodate those who have sacrificed for our nation. According to the Oklahoma Veterans Services Division, there are disabled veterans outreach program specialists who are located in Workforce Oklahoma offices throughout the state. Their purpose is to aid veterans with jobs and training opportunities.

The veterans of the U.S. Military were willing to serve their country and protect its citizens despite the sacrifices. The tax exemption is the least the state can offer up to veterans who have given their lives and time for our country.