"Question. Since we call it holidays, why don't we give holiday gifts instead of Christmas gifts?"

“I was calling concerning the article in Wednesday's paper with the big headline ‘Wreck involves body.’ I just think that should not have been put in there. The family would be very upset if they saw these pictures and knew it was their loved one involved in the accident.”

B.C. The body had been removed from the wrecked vehicle when these photos were taken.

“I just got through watching "Choirs" with Blake Shelton and I was very disappointed in the way it was handled. I don't know if I am a sore loser or if I took some naps and didn't know it. It seems to me like they didn't give him as much air time as they did others, especially Patty Labell. I wonder if I am just a sore loser or if anyone else noticed that.”

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