The Ada area economy is still doing better than many communities and for that we can be grateful. That said, if you are like most shoppers you will be checking your list more than twice when it comes to how much and for whom you intend to invest in Christmas presents this Yuletide season.

 That’s understandable.

 But with one of the busiest shopping days of the year on tap this Friday, one truth is the same in 2010 as it has been since merchants here began putting out signs signaling they are open for business. It is this: for some area retailers - if they don’t make it this time of year, they don’t make it.

 You can help them and yourself by patronizing them first. Many are opening early Black Friday to give you an opportunity to do just that. A complete list will be included in this Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day issue of the Ada Evening News. You can look for it to be delivered to your doorstep early Thanksgiving morning.

 It makes economic sense to shop at home if for no other reason than to save dollars and cents on gasoline and wear and tear on your vehicle. At $2.65 plus a gallon, it doesn’t take too many miles driving to add up to real money.

 Another good reason to shop at home is that sales taxes you pay somewhere else go to help that somewhere else. Sales taxes paid here become an investment in your home community - the place you work, play and sleep at night.

 It has been our experience that visitors from other places are surprised to see the level of retail available in Ada. There is one very good way to help ensure this continues in 2011.

 Shop Ada first this Christmas season.

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