As a general rule, it matters a great deal which party a politician represents on the national level. On the state level, however, it matters quite a bit less. On the local level it almost never makes a difference at all.

Sometimes in campaigning for a local or state office a voter will want to know what a candidate intends to do regarding a national issue. There are exceptions, of course, but the answer almost always should be, “Nothing. It’s not in my potential office’s purview to do anything about that.”

One example of a stark difference in state candidates who could have some input into a national issue appears to us to be that of State Attorney General. Republican Scott Pruitt is in favor of joining in a lawsuit as a way of fighting Obama Care. The federal government has overstepped its bounds on this issue and in our opinion an official effort should be made to say so. His opponent is a good man with much legal and management experience, but he has no desire to join a fight against the greatest encroachment on Americans’ liberty in modern history. Scott Pruitt does.

Ada resident Susan Paddack, Democrat, is running for State Superintendent of Public Education. She is smart, hard working, and has done a whale of a job as our area’s State Senator. There are numerous other reasons to support her candidacy but for our area it makes extra sense to vote for the person our residents are most likely to see at the grocery store and have a one on one conversation with. She will do a superb job.

The only other state office we would like to chime in on is the race for governor. There are two great candidates but the one we support is Jari Askins, Democrat. As Oklahoma’s current Lt. Governor and a former State Representative, she knows the ropes well.


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