Major college football needs a playoff, and it needs it, yesterday.

Leave it to the Bowl Championship Series (affectionately called the BCS) to put a damper on the end of one of the most exciting college football seasons in recent memories.

Instead of building even more excitement with fans watering at the mouth for an stacked playoff bracket, once again college football enthusiasts are left debating which teams should play for the coveted BCS national championship.

The BCS “system” says it should be Ohio State and Louisiana State University. But would you believe the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who ended its season at 3-9, is riding a current longer winning streak than both of those squads? Notre Dame has won two straight and both Ohio State and LSU have won exactly one game apiece heading into their national title showdown.

The University of Oklahoma probably has one of the biggest gripes of the bowl season. Bob Stoops and his Sooners probably feel like they deserve a spot in the national title game. After all, OU whipped Missouri by 21 on a neutral field (the second time Missouri fell to OU this season) to capture the Big 12 championship. The Sooners trounced the same Tiger team that was voted No. 1 in the country and was led by Heisman hopeful quarterback Chase Daniel, who likely saw his hopes fade after being held in check by the OU defense. And, one of OU’s two losses occurred when freshman quarterback Sam Bradford was forced out of the game early due to an injury.

And Hawaii certainly feels like it should have a shot at a national title after finishing its season at a perfect 12-0.

Just think how fun it would be to see, say, the Top 16 teams (including all conference champions) included in a playoff bracket. The current Bowl games could still be played. Just have the first two rounds played at the home field of the higher-rated team and then play the semifinal and championship games at different bowls each year.

It would be a great moneymaker. many businesses wouldn’t want to advertise during a college football playoff bracket. Of course they would.

Imagine March without the madness of an NCAA basketball tournament. Or the chaos it would cause if a few polls decided a single, winner-take-all championship game in college hoops?

It’s really shameful that every other major sport has a playoff to decide a true champion while Division I college football fails to advance with the times. The worst part is no one has shown us a good reason NOT to have a playoff.

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