To the Editor:

Regarding a headline that ran on the front page of The Ada News, Sunday, July 28, “Risks in the Pipeline: Quesions remain about new natural gas pipeline through Pontotoc County.”

Frankly, in my opinion, the headline should have been this: “OneOK partners run into city of Ada petty politics and policies. Another mine field of bureaucratic red tape awaits the pipeline company, OneOK.”

The proposed pipeline project now sets at the Pontotoc County front door; however, now the city of Ada officials wants to engage into a question session with OneOK officials. Why now?

The city of Ada officials, as well as the Pontotoc County commissioners, had knowledge a very long time back that OneOK partners were running a gas pipeline through the immediate community.

You can now get a glimpse why prices of those natural products we all use and depend on have gone into the stratosphere.

George William Clark Jr.



To the Editor:

Your question about the Zimmerman case is immaterial. According to our laws, he was tried by a jury and found not guilty. That should be enough!

There’s no reason to try to second-guess the verdict like Jessie Jackson or Al Sharper (sic) or Attorney General Eric Holder or President Oboma (sic). With their agitation they keep the blacks stirred up and keep race in the news for their own political or monetary advantage. Don’t let your newspaper do the same.

Richard Medcalf


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