The name “Jack Abramoff” is quickly gaining household word status. If you aren’t keying on it just yet, rest assured your U.S. Representatives and Senators certainly are. They know that if their names are ever used in the same sentence with his it will be a cause for great political and, perhaps, legal dread.

Jack Abramoff is a professional lobbyist who invested his time in our nation’s capitol erasing the line distinguishing that profession from that of scam artist. Caught with his hand in the figurative cookie jar, Abramoff is now implicating those politicians who, it is conjectured, accepted his money in return for political favors.

Abramoff not only caught politicians in his wicked web, but Indian tribes as well. And he was no small thinker. According to The New York Times, his largest kickback came from a Louisiana tribe he talked out of $30 million, keeping over $11 million for himself. At least some of the rest of the money, presumably, was invested with politicians to buy congressional influence for the tribe.

Sometimes he pitted tribes against each other, playing both ends against the middle. Abramoff is reported to have persuaded a Texas tribe to hire him for over $4 million to help get its casino reopened through federal legislation. While this was going on he was also accepting millions from the aforementioned Louisiana tribe to oppose all gaming in the Texas Legislature.

Ever since these revelations have been made known, politicians from both sides of the aisle have scrambled to divest themselves of money received from Abramoff, with charities being the beneficiary.

Whether or not these donations will work to absolve them from political and legal fallout is yet to be seen.

Regardless, what is clear is this is not a Republican only scandal as some have suggested. Democrats are just as eagerly divesting themselves of Abramoff tainted money. Whether Republican or Democrat, as this case unfolds, let the chips fall where they may.