Nov. 1, 2005, a statute, which many people are not familiar with, was passed, stating that blood tests are no longer required in the state of Oklahoma in order for two people to marry.

The original purpose of requiring blood tests was intended to detect syphilis, but Bill Pearson of the state Health Department said it's been several years since the tests found a new case of the disease. "The premarital test is gone the way of the dinosaur," Pearson said.

What makes this so confusing is, sure syphilis is gone, but AIDS isn’t. In 2002, printed an article stating that Tulsa Rep. Darrell Gilbert had sought to make HIV testing a requirement for marriage licenses, but the bill died in committee because officials said that soon-to-marry couples are not usually a high-risk group for STDs. He also said lawmakers were reluctant to do anything that would raise the cost of marriage licenses.

So lawmakers are saying only people who don’t get married get AIDS. Besides, we want to save money (at the risk of spreading infections), but that’s ok. We should get our priorities worked out here. Regardless what lawmakers say, lives are more important than money.

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