Kudos to Kayla King, Ada, who has been named an All-American Scholar At-Large Award Winner. King will appear in the All-American Scholar Official Yearbook which is published nationally. King is a student at Ada Junior High School.

Congratulations to all the Ada Junior High and Willard Grade Center state scholastic meet winners and placers. AJH 8th grade winners were Colton Lott, 2nd in social studies and 13th in current events; Robert Jackson, 4th language arts; Holly Dennis, 6th in language arts and 15th in humanities; and Sam Smith, 7th in language arts. For the 7th grade, Alyssa Low, 2nd in language arts; Jackson Boone, 3rd in social studies and 5th in current events; Philip Newcomer, 2nd in humanities; Jordon Boone, 6th in social studies and 5th in current events; and Jasmine Bayatfar, 9th in language arts. For Willard's 6th graders, Claire Chandler was 5th in humanities; Steve Gammill, 8th in language arts and 12th in social studies; John Morgan, 8th in language arts; T.J. Freeman, 13th in language arts and 30th in math; Chris Morrison, 12th in humanities; Cali Stenson, 13th in language arts; and Michelle Diehl, 20th in language arts.

Kudos to all the Pontotoc County students that attended Girl State this year. The following girls attended the event: Emily Robnett, Ada High School; Kelli Pettus and Samantha Pierce, both from Byng High School; Kahla White, Haley Wulfert, and Gracie Robertson, Latta High School; Paige Patton, Roff High School; Shelby Hill and Jill Christy, both from Vanoss High School.

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