From its primitive beginning in the 1890s the community of Ada has grown to be known as the Queen City of the Chickasaw Nation and,according to the foreword of a pictorial history published in 1998 by the Ada Chamber of Commerce, “ ... our bustling little community boasts fine paved streets, beautiful parks, comfortable residential areas ... a beautiful small city of 16 thousand people.”

There are many such quotes of optimistic attributes and pride in this city we call home, and rightly so. We’ve come a long way. Yet, there is a journey ahead for the city as a whole. Leaders and residents, must recognize and work together diligently to provide the most basic of services to every area of the city.

Improvements that are to be made to the Hammond Heights/Washington Heights subdivisions are being planned in such a way as to get to the heart of the needs of the subdivision as the residents see it. Previous promises of paved roads failed. Only one was paved through HUD funding. Taxpayers have waited for progress and reasonably expect the leadership to provide adequate services to their area.

For the city to claim richness of spirit, a city that has a knack for working together and getting things done, we expect the leadership to wisely steward our resources, to put our money to work in projects such as this. Serious public service to the parts of our city where basics are lacking is a necessity for our beautiful small city.We applaud city leaders and residents for spreading this vision to Hammond Heights.

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