Ada city councilors are meeting tomorrow at 3 p.m. to continue discussions about the employment fate of David Hathcoat, city manager. Hathcoat was the subject of a report by FOX 25 television news earlier this year presumably showing him gambling on city time.

To their credit, city councilors did not jump to hasty conclusions. The city has a process in place by which to adjudicate these matters and councilors have followed it to a tee, often in the face of criticism by some who would have preferred a knee-jerk reaction rather than a reasoned process.

One of the steps designated by council was to review Hathcoat’s performance every 30 days. The latest of these reviews took place Monday at city council’s regular meeting. Since this is a personnel matter, all discussions are conducted in executive session, which is to say in a closed room with only councilors present. Therefore only they know exactly what was said. 

The executive session lasted nearly two hours Monday night and two-and-a-half hours the meeting before. 

As one might expect, speculation ran high among those on the outside waiting for council to reconvene, that councilors may now be ready to make a move to terminate Hathcoat’s employment. Adding fuel to this flame is the fact that upon returning to open meeting councilors announced another meeting Thursday at 3 p.m. to continue discussions on Hathchoat’s future with the city.

Someone has correctly said that all politics is local. And there are precious few things more politically local than matters involving a community the size of Ada. This means residents have the opportunity to directly contact their representatives and potentially impact decisions.

With that in mind, no matter where you stand on this issue, it is your prerogative as a voting member of this community to express your opinion. We encourage you to do so prior to Thursday afternoon’s meeting.

— Loné Beasley

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