It can hardly be considered a scientific sampling, but the results from the Ada Evening News web site question of the week last week may not be off target. When the final results were tabulated, a whopping 81 percent of respondents said they approve of the idea of the city of Ada constructing an above ground source of water supply.

This overwhelming favorable response can probably be attributed to many reasons. In the case of a severe drought, experts advise it will be in our area’s best interest to have an additional source of water other than the one we currently rely on – the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer. In fact, according to an official with the Oklahoma Water Resources board, Oklahoma, which has enjoyed a relatively wet few years, is more than likely heading into a dry period. This makes it all the more important to plan for future water requirements. There are a great many things we can live without. Water isn’t one of them.

Another reason some would like a lake is for recreation. It would be great to have a closer place than Lake Texoma on which to water ski, fish, swim or relax.

A third reason has to do with economic development. One potential drawback to enticing manufacturers to locate here is that, in a sense, seeing is believing. One can employ a thousand words to describe the vast supply of water beneath the ground in the aquifer, but a much bigger impression can be made if those responsible for relocating firms can see it in front of them on top of the ground.

With all this going for it very few would be against a lake.

We are in favor of building a lake too. But one important item must be taken into consideration. In fact, it is the biggest factor all, and it is this: the price tag.

So far, two numbers have been floated – one for $90 million, and a more expansive lake for $150 million.

In supporting either one of these amounts, it is important this project have as many community partners as possible so the burden is not overwhelming for any of us.

Ada city councilors are to be commended for their forward thinking in proposing Lake Scissortail. But such a facility will benefit much more than the city. It will be profitable for the entire area. And when it comes time to pay, everyone needs to be ready to do his or her part.