Oklahoma Republicans finally have what they have dreamed about for decades - control. In fact, total control. For the first time in history, the GOP occupies the governor’s chair and has the majority vote in the House and the Senate. What could be better?

For one thing, getting along would be better.

Now that the victory celebrations are over, Republicans have decided they don’t necessarily agree with each other over the direction their collective agenda should take next year.

House GOP members met Monday and Tuesday in Bartlesville to decide whether or not economics or social issues should be their primary objective. Kris Steele, who is expected to be elected House Speaker in January, has said economic development is the most critical issue facing Oklahomans.

Others want to address states’ rights issues as well as illegal immigration and “the rising homosexual agenda, the growing threats from radical Muslims and Sharia Law, the ever expanding big brother privacy invasion laws,” the Associated Press quotes Charlie Meadows of Oklahoma Conservative PAC, saying.

We’re all for social issues being addressed, too, but it must also be noted that starting the process with bickering about which direction to take is a bad sign for ultimate success. It is the best way to lose control of what they’ve worked so hard to achieve. If this is a harbinger of things to come, it can be said that success has within it the seeds of eventual self destruction.

Democrats who remain in state office can be forgiven for sporting wry smiles at this spectacle. If it keeps up, it won’t be long before they will be back in power.


— Loné Beasley

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