The Ada City Schools Foundation has taken on a new way to raise funds for city schools this year, and so far it has proved to outshine past fundraising events.

On the evening of April 22, the ACSF will host the Salute to Education Gala and Casino Night, an event that has already earned the ACSF approximately $50,000.

Where does the money go and who benefits from it? Everyone who comes into contact with any public school in Ada.

Janet Cearley, kindergarden teacher at Glenwood Early Childhood Center, received a grant earlier in the year in which she has taught her 6-year-old students about "The Land Of Asia."

"We have introduced the children to Japan and China earlier in the year, and we're doing comparisons and contrasts between the two," Cearley said. "We really try to bring home to them, some of the differences in culture. Hopefully this sparks interest in culture when they get older and into classes like social studies."

Cearly also mentioned how much the foundation has helped the learning experience for her young students.

"It's an absolutely wonderful program and helps us provide learning abilities to our kids," she said. "It just brings everything to life for the children. I can't tell you how much it has helped."

And that is only one example out of many that have been active throughout the remaining school year. Every donation the ACSF receives ultimately goes to help students of every age group in Ada, and has the potential to educate and adjust young minds to ideas outside of the standard classroom teachings. And wouldn't a young mind with fresh ideas be the best resource for the city of Ada?