Seven decades and three years ago this week, a young elementary school teacher and a young Southern Baptist minister brought forth upon this earth the human force that would, one day, decide that it might be interesting to write a column for The Ada News.

I am told that the event had the blessing of an eager toddler and soon to be older brother who has tried to understand that confused and confusing force ever since but has given up and decided to love the force anyway. I am writing this on the occasion of my 73rd birthday. When you are reading it, that will have been this past Wednesday. I had actually begun another column — a column that has now been in the preliminary stages for two weeks.

I finally realized that this was the column that needed to be written.

The 73rd anniversary of one’s birth is not a particularly significant milestone in the greater scheme of things, such as the 75th or 100th might be. As a septuagenarian, however, I continually engage in life reflection and analysis in an effort to determine when I have dealt with issues to the best of my abilities, and when my responses are found to have been lacking. While I am proud of the former, I have found too many instances of the latter. I have found that I have a tendency to take on tasks until I cannot complete them all satisfactorily.

It appears that I have done it again.

My plan for regaining control of my activities includes withdrawing from some of them, at least, temporarily. This weekly column is on the list for withdrawal. I will continue to write. However, I will not attempt to conform to weekly deadlines. While not all of my writing will be published in The Ada News, nor has it ever been, I will submit guest columns from time to time.

Just consider me to be hanging out at my favorite fishing hole for a while. I will surface from time to time to speak my piece, and then I will return to my fishing hole.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support.

I hope I have been able to share God’s love and, perhaps, a small measure of God’s wisdom with you. Until we share again through pages such as these or meet in the coffee shop or on the street, I wish you love, peace and safety.

Tell someone you love that you love them, help someone who needs it.

May God bless us all.