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By now, most should be familiar with the viral image of an NFL player dancing around the locker room with a burning American flag. Some of you may even have shared the image. If so, shame on you. It’s fake.

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A while back, I made a somewhat snarky, if not semi-impassioned, plea for people to stop sharing memes on social media. Here's round two.

I was moved by the following true story about what happened to a 16 to 17 year-old girl during the ‘70s in Asia —

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Memes can be fun to share on social media, but they can also be problematic and oftentimes, outright wrong. Are you sure what you share is true?

  • By Justin McDaniel  OSU Extension 

Rangelands support many species of brush and weeds. The continual increase over years in the number and distribution of brush and weed species is primarily the result of natural succession, suppression of wildfires and overgrazing by livestock. Rangeland owners and ranchers need the ability …

  • By Bill Ketter | CNHI News Service

One of the most unsurprising things about President Donald Trump’s first days in office is that it was full of surprises in the voices and images that consumed the national media’s attention.

  • Muskogee Phoenix Editorial Board

MUSKOGEE — State lawmakers should move to stop any new income tax cuts from taking effect until the budget crisis is over and a sustainable revenue approach is adopted.

Have you ever heard the college version of the hymn “Love Lifted Me?” It goes something like this, “I was sinking deep in sin — wheeeeee!” 

Memories. Questions. Disbelief. My heart sank and my head started spinning as I read the three-word text my 16-year-old son sent from Ada High.

  • By Daniel Pipes The Philadelphia Inquirer (TNS)

The disgraceful presidential candidates coughed up by America’s two great political parties — each one repulsive in his or her distinctive way — leaves many conservatives in a dilemma. We cannot vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Nor, try as we might, do we warm to Gary Johnson…

Each year, countless hours are spent preparing for an event that has been happening in Pontotoc County for 100 years! Just think, this event could be one that your great-great grandparents attended!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported 611 cases of salmonella infections in people from 45 states, with 32 percent of the cases in children under 5 years of age. The majority of the people infected had contact with live poultry within a week of becoming ill. This should be a warn…

Donald Trump’s impromptu comment Tuesday regarding the Second Amendment might have been a rallying cry for gun owners to vote for him, but the words carried a dangerous underlying message.

  • By Janna Kelley OSU Extension 

Doing laundry probably tops the list of the most frequent, yet necessary household tasks, so anything to make the chore a little easier is certainly welcome.

  • Randy Tate, CEO of NorthCare, Oklahoma City; Verna Foust, CEO, Red Rock BHS, Oklahoma City; and Gail Lapidus, CEO, Family and Children’s Services, Tulsa

Oklahoma is second highest in the nation for rates of mental illness and substance use. We have been in the bottom four in the country in rates of funding for treatment services. We have all read of severe impending cuts in the budgets of both Medicaid and the Oklahoma Department of Mental H…


The deadline to report bills out of committee was this past Thursday. We started with nearly 300 House bills and 255 were reported on to the full Senate.  The deadline to report bills off the Senate Floor is Thursday, April 21.  


The draw of low cost land brought many settlers west to the territories, but the settlement of Oklahoma holds a unique place in American culture. Non-Indian settlers in Oklahoma obtained lands through land runs, lotteries, allotment or redemption.

  • Bob Mahoney

This image released by Open Road Films shows Woody Harrelson, left, and Casey Affleck in a scene from "Triple 9." (Bob Mahoney/Open Road Films via AP)

  • By Glenn Puit | Editor

David Dishman of the McAlester News-Capital

  • By JAMES BEATY | McAlester News-Capital 

This year’s Super Tuesday presidential primary election may not be quite as super as initially expected — at least where the number of viable candidates is concerned.

  • By U.S. Rep. Tom Cole

Since this spring, lawmakers have been hard at work sharing ideas and crafting legislation to responsibly fund the government. In the House of Representatives, the process of fulfilling this critical function of government started with hearings and discussions in the 12 subcommittees of the …

  • Jerry Duncan Ph.D, ABPP, Guest Writer

We focus a lot on the death of Christ. It was important. In fact, His death was symbolically practiced for centuries before He actually did it Himself — for the last time. Beginning with Adam’s son, Abel, a sacrificial death of a pure and “undefiled” animal became the symbol of the soon-to-c…

People today are taking a greater interest in how their food is produced. But they're also confused about the role of antibiotics in meat production. It's actually quite simple — produce healthy livestock, get safe food. But lately, there's been a lot of conversation around "antibiotic-free" meat.

  • Janna Kelley OSU Extension Educator

For many Oklahomans, fuel-burning appliances such as fireplaces and wood stoves are popular and reliable ways to chase away the winter chill. However, using these types of appliances does come with some risks, so it is important to use them as safely as possible.

  • David Slane

Two mass shootings in recent weeks may have distracted some people from an Oklahoma tragedy that left the entire state shocked and dismayed when four people were killed and dozens more injured at the end of the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade in October.

  • Jerry Duncan Ph.D, ABPP, Guest Writer

Lawrence Kohlberg theorizes that that are six reasons why man does “the right thing.” He describes six different levels of moral development. A level-one person does the right thing to avoid punishment or to gain personal pleasure. A level-two individual does the right thing to please someon…

  • Janna Kelley OSU Extension Educator

The realm of New Year’s resolutions is limitless: Spend more time with the family. Lose weight. Read more. But, what about your money?

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