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Transcript newspaper carrier Calvin Steves walks down the street with his custom wagon, which was stolen last week from his west Norman home.

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NORMAN, Okla. — Calvin Steves, The Norman Transcript’s most recognizable paper carrier, is rarely seen walking about town without his signature crimson wagon. That is until Wednesday night when Steves noticed it was missing, plucked from the front yard of his west Norman home.

Steves said he filed a police report that night and resigned himself to hope. Though he still is holding out hope that it will make its way back to him, wheels are in motion to get him a new one.

When word of the theft got around, Norman resident Rob Kemmet set up a crowdfunding page at with the hope of raising $250 for a new wagon.

In two days, it raised $2,475.

Kemmet wrote that he was “just trying to help out a guy who never asks for something for nothing,” adding that 100 percent of the money will go to Calvin.

Calvin said people reached out to him to let him know about the crowdfunding effort. He said he’s very grateful, but not surprised that Norman would lend a hand.

“Norman’s a nice community that helps people,” he said.

Calvin said he hasn’t taken a break from his paper route and has been relying on his brother to help him get around while he waits for the next chapter to unfold.

“I hope to see my other wagon back so we don’t have to do this, but if we have to do it, we have to do it,” he said.

“I do not know who would take something like that and I wish they would bring it back to me. I had my two flags — OU and Thunder. I had my OU and Thunder license plates on it and I had a name tag with my name on it.”

Calvin said he has used that wagon — the seventh iteration of its kind — for over five years. He said he’s not sure if he’ll get the same model, but he’s pretty fond of it and if he gets a new wagon he will want to modify it to his specifications.

“I have to have it crimson, so I’ll have to get whatever I get painted again at Ferguson Pontiac,” he said. “My last one was a green one, but Ferguson Pontiac painted it crimson. It’s going to cost us about $70 to get it painted, but it has to be painted for it to be OU color.”

With nearly 10 times his original wagon budget coming his way, money shouldn’t be a problem. On the GoFundMe page, some residents even suggested adding some anti-theft tech and other features.

“Since it's so much over, can we get something electrical for him, or maybe attach some kind of GPS unit? It wouldn't be hard,” wrote Stephanie Bobefani. “We need to catch who keeps doing this.”

Calvin said he’ll probably just try to get it as close as he can to the one that went missing. Regardless, Calvin said he is very thankful.

“I’m glad that they’re helping me out because I don’t have enough to get me another wagon,” he said.

Brittany Boone, another crowdfunding backer, wrote that she was angered that the wagon had been stolen, but was left with an uplifting takeaway.

“What I love is how our town has come together to help him out,” she wrote.

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