CHELSEA, Okla. — A tip regarding drug endangered children led A Rogers County Sheriff's Office  task force to a Chelsea residence Wednesday.

RCSO reports obtaining a warrant for a residence in which Bradley Howell and Jessica Frye were said to be using and distributing marijuana in the presence of two juveniles.

"Investigators upon making entry into the residence were overcome with a strong odor of marijuana. Investigators then observed two small children in the living room along with a female identified as Stephanie Devore, according to RCSO reports.

When law enforcement told the three individuals why they were there, Howell "immediately said the marijuana is right here and picked up a metal container with a green leafy substance inside."

Investigators reportedly saw "a plate with a green leafy substance next to a set of digital scales, multiple smoking devices with a burnt substance, multiple grinders with a green leafy substance, and a small container containing a wax like substance from investigators training and experience knew to be THC wax."

They report finding THC waffles in the refrigerator which were accessible to the children.

In speaking with law enforcement Howell allegedly said he sold marijuana, smoked marijuana in the presence of his children and that he kept everything in the kitchen cabinets.

According to the investigators, Howell said he had taken "his kids with him to deliver marijuana but hadn’t taken them with him in over three to four months because he thought it was a bad idea after the first few times."

Frye reportedly told law enforcement she knew the marijuana was in the house, that she had used it in front of the juveniles and that she was a social smoker. Devore is quoted in telling investigators she, too, knew the marijuana was in the house and that she had seen Howell and Fry smoke in front of the kids.

During a search of the residence, investigators report finding photos of marijuana growing next to a barn on the property.

"Investigators located multiple photos of Jessica standing in the field of marijuana, harvesting the plants and removing the buds within the residence at the kitchen table. Investigators then observed multiple videos in which Bradley was narrating bragging about his marijuana plants," according to RCSO reports. "Investigators also located a video in which Bradley filmed himself and Jessica trimming the buds from the plants. Investigators also observed a video on the phone where Bradley is taking a hit from a large glass bong, which we recovered in the residence, and blow the marijuana smoke towards the direction of the small child as the small child was waving the smoke away coughing."

Paraphernalia, edibles and $4,100 in drug proceeds were located elsewhere in the residence.

Also in the shared residence, the task force reports finding a room "used to grow marijuana and dry it after it was harvested." The room consisted of a ventilation system, humidifier and timer, air filter, plant nutrients, water bottles, large light bulbs and mesh sheets.

All three were arrested and transported to the Rogers County Jail.


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