Enid Park Board heard a presentation Tuesday from Mayor Ernie Currier about building a motocross track in the city stormwater detention area south of Wal-Mart Supercenter near Garriott and Garland.

Currier said he has talked with Enid police officers who dislike running cyclists away from different areas of town where they have erected temporary tracks. However, they understand neighbors do not want to listen to the constant noise, he said.

Currier also talked with Ward 1 Commissioner Ron Johnston, who polled some residents of the area near the stormwater detention area and most approved of the idea. The area cannot be used for anything else, Currier said. There is a 20-foot wall inside to block sound and sight, Currier said.

No additional dirt would be placed inside the area but existing dirt could be moved around to create the track. Currier also suggested a separate area could be created for four-wheelers to be driven.

The de-tention area covers about 60 acres, Currier said. It was built when Wal-Mart Supercen-ter was constructed as a means of flood control due to the large amount of concrete created by the construction.

A permit costing $5 to $10 per year would be necessary to ride on the track. Getting the permit would be a way of controlling anyone who was being disruptive, Currier said, and also to get riders to abide by the rules. It also would relieve the city of additional liability.

Some professional dirt bike riders have volunteered to design a track, Currier said, and the city has the equipment to build the track and establish parking near the area.

“It is a recreational facility, not a race track,” Currier said.

Currier asked for and received the blessing of the Park Board members at the meeting.

Board members also discussed the city’s walking trail system in the southern part of the city and were scheduled to tour an area where some paving is planned for the system after the meeting.


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