STILLWATER, Okla. — A house fire that began after 2 p.m. Tuesday in Stillwater resulted in the death of one cat and another cat unaccounted for, according to Stillwater Fire Marshal Neal Moore. The residents had self evacuated. 

The fire began in the 2000 block of East Linda Avenue, which is northwest of the intersection at McElroy Road and Jardot Road. All four SFD stations responded to the fire, which sent smoke billowing from various crevices of the house and caused visibility issues on the residential road.

"I believe what the owner told me that, when she got their kids out, they got the dog," Moore said. "They did have two cats in there, our guys were able to locate one of the cats that was deceased and haven’t found the other one at this time.”

Conducting an investigation into the cause of the fire took time as firefighters had to vent out the smoke built up inside the house, leaving crews on the scene for more than two hours. Moore said the fire started on the southeast corner of the house in the master bathroom, and smoke continued to leave open windows and spaces between roof shingles during their response. Nobody was injured.

"Not 100 percent sure … it appeared to be possibly due to a discarded match from lighting some candles or something, but I’m not able to 100 percent verify that," Moore said. "But it appears to be some type of accidental fire."

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