The Enid News & Eagle chose 10 heartwarming stories to feature at the end of 2017. Here are more that are worth noting as the year comes to a close.

  • Cass Rains | Enid News & Eagle

Pastor Dave Jones recounted the story of Duco being banned from Quail Springs Mall by the Oklahoma County sheriff for biting a PVC pipe during training, which subsequently flooded three stores before the leak could be stopped.

  • By Jessica Miller Staff Writer

One Chisholm Middle School student had a hard time sleeping ahead of Saturday’s Tour de Trykes in Enid.

  • Tony Capobianco | Enid News & Eagle

“It’s all about acceptance. It’s all about how do you fit it in. You have to be the athlete or you have to be the smart kid, the funny guy, all those things, and that’s really how I was. I tried to be every single one of those people, and eventually I had come down to the point where I was tired of trying.” Marlin Weaver

A generous gift from World War II veteran and prisoner of war M.L. Becker got the ball rolling on construction of the new terminal project at …

  • By Cass Rains Staff Writer

Members of Enid Police Department continued a decades-long tradition of honoring officers Friday by placing flowers at the graves of officers who served the city, some even before Enid was founded.

  • By Jeff Mullin | Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — At many Air Force bases, including Vance, flying squadrons sponsor Pilot for a Day programs designed to give special needs children and youth a taste of the life of a military aviator.

  • Cass Rains | Enid News & Eagle

“It’s been an enjoyable 25 years. The students have taught me a lot, and, hopefully, I have contributed back. Having the opportunity to inspire and touch hundred of children lives — priceless.” — Jarry Hillman