Mayor Ernie Currier thinks Enid has a great future just around the corner.

Currier wants to see the city’s strategic plan pursued and progress encouraged.

Currier thinks the community needs to infill some areas that are becoming neglected, rather than continue to sprawl outward like it has been doing.

That would involve rejuvenating some depressed areas of town.

“We need some new jobs to come to town. Good jobs. We have some good jobs, but we need new ones,” he said. “If we see that, there will be growth for the community.”

As long as he’s dreaming, Currier also said he would like to see the city infrastructure include walking and bike paths. Currently, the city cannot afford to create such paths.

“All of those things would carry us forward and make Enid a more quality place than it already is,” he said.

Another good addition would be adding downtown loft apartments so the downtown business area becomes a living area, too.

“That could help rejuvenate some older areas, and we could do some things like the historical districts have done,” he said. “Obviously, I’m with everyone else, economic development is progress. We’ve set some precedence, and when we see progress we don’t want to run it off.”

Enid’s economic development alliance is looking at aerospace as a fit for the Enid area.

Enid also is an area for energy-related businesses, with the ethanol plant in the future and biodiesel facilities also a possibility. There is oil and gas throughout the area, he said, and Enid could be a center for wind energy.

Tourism also could be an economic development area with the planned Cherokee Strip Heritage Center.

“There are so many things Enid could capitalize on,” Currier said. “We need focus, but there are so many areas it’s hard to focus. A lot of good people are working on this,” he said.

Currier also suggested it would be good if Vance Air Force Base continued to grow.

The city’s higher education facilities also have a great potential to help the community grow.

“All of that working together would be wonderful. We have a bright future here,” he said.


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