Muskogee County Council of Youth Services and the Oklahoma Association of Youth Services held a candidates forum recently that focused on education and child welfare issues.

We applaud the organizations for creating a forum that allowed voters to hear candidates’ positions on specific issues.

The forum was more fruitful than some that are more wide-ranging because it allowed candidates the opportunity to give more in-depth answers.

Expressing their positions on the issues is a candidate’s No. 1 job. 

Being prepared to vote is your No. 1 job. 

We take this time to remind voters that part of your responsibility before voting is to know the issues.

Voters should know exactly how their chosen candidate plans to address the issues if elected.

Constituents should take every opportunity to hear all candidates discuss their position on the issues.

Constituents also should quiz every candidate they see about the issues.

Don’t be afraid that you are taking up candidates’ time. They are asking to serve you. If they don’t like answering constituents’ questions, maybe they should not be elected to office.

Don’t be afraid to press candidates for better answers. You should want to know exactly how a candidate will do their job if elected.

Most importantly, you should get registered and vote.