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NEW YORK — Russell Westbrook has been named the NBA’s MVP, the league announced Monday.

  • By Fred Katz, CNHI Sports Oklahoma

NEW YORK — Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Andre Roberson has been named to the NBA's All-Defensive Second Team, the league announced Monday.

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ENID, Okla. — There is a tiny sign as you drive east into Enid along U.S. 412 for the Ames Astrobleme Museum. For any parent with a kid interested in science and/or space, it might be worth a day trip to the small town to learn about this astronomic discovery.

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Flying training at Vance Air Force Base recently received a boost when resurfacing of the outside runway at the base was completed and the runway was opened again.

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Event organizers for the fifth annual “Run to the Dark” 5k are calling all runners to register for their event. The registration deadline for participants to get their t-shirts is July 11, though runners can sign up to participate all the way up to the morning of the event July 21. 

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Ticks in Oklahoma could be abundant this year due to the mild winter and large numbers of wild animal reservoir hosts. These little creatures are very hearty and can actually survive the winter even if it freezes. Ticks are a year-round problem.

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Oklahoma summers allow for variety of outdoor family activities such as fishing, going to the lake, camping, outdoor sports and swimming, just to name a few. Although it is highly encouraged to spend time outdoors being physically active, individuals should also take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from dangerous sun exposure.

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Vacations, while relaxing for you and your family are often stressful, even deadly for indoor and outdoor plants. I believe this is because well meaning vacationers, while trying to account for higher temperatures, over-compensate and thereby escort in trouble. Friends who stop in to check and water containers, unfamiliar with each plant’s needs may contribute to the trouble. Let’s look at the problems and solutions.

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While they aren’t exactly your typical spider, such as a black widow or brown recluse, spider mites can certainly have a detrimental effect on your garden. 

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Amber Cole is an energetic 5-year-old girl who typically likes to run and romp across the yard — and beyond — of her home in rural Muskogee County. 

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FORT GIBSON -- Cooler temperatures and an increased number of vendors were responsible for record attendance at the ninth annual Fort Gibson Sweet Corn Festival on Saturday.

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What triggers your memories, your personal history flooding back to you from time past?

  • By Wendy Burton | CNHI News Oklahoma

Muskogee paramedic Jordan Stevens pulled a bullet-proof vest over his head and declared it surprisingly light for a vest that can take a hit from a NATO .308 rifle round.

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Tahlequah residents are resilient, and they can be remarkably tolerant even of beliefs, activities and credos with which they personally disagree. Or at least, that's our reputation, but it's possible the old saw of progress making "two steps forward, one step backward" could be unfolding in reverse order.

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A pay adjustment for Tahlequah city employees includes several substantial raises, including a $40,000 annual increase for the city administrator.

  • By Wendy Burton | CNHI News Oklahoma
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An event being held in Wagoner's Maple Park on the evening of July 1 is more than a fundraiser and celebration of law enforcement. 

  • By Tesina Jackson | CNHI News Oklahoma

In one of the largest methamphetamine busts in recent years, local investigators arrested eight individuals who they say have been involved with the illegal distribution of the drug.

  • Linda Provost | CNHI News Oklahoma

DUNCAN, Okla. — People who have tried diet and exercise and still can’t keep their weight down often look to weight loss surgery for help. That’s what sent one Ardmore mother to Mexico for the promise of drastically reduced prices on gastric sleeve weight loss surgery.

  • Ryan Miller | CNHI News Oklahoma

FAIRVIEW — Nitrates in water was the topic of discussion Thursday at a Northwest Oklahoma Water Action Team workshop in Fairview. 

  • Wendy Burton | CNHI News Oklahoma

Muskogee Animal Control Officer Phil Blair walked down a row of cages, stopping briefly at each to scratch an ear or rub a nose of dogs stretched up high, barking, whining and eager for attention. 

  • Grant D. Crawford | CNHI News Oklahoma

A slate of new officers and board members of the Green Country Marketing Association were confirmed during the organization's annual meeting in Tahlequah, Thursday.