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Trivia Questions:

1. In early Ada, what product was “king”?

2. What year was the East Central Normal (later East Central University) begun?

3. Who is the current governor of the Chickasaw Nation?

4. What hired killer ambushed A.A. “Gus” Bobbitt??

5. What petrified tree on the ECU campus was printed on 5 million stamps in 1940?


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See Next Tuesday’s Ada Evening News for the Answers to these Questions.

OK Trivia Rules

• The trivia challenge will publish every tuesday for six weeks.

• There will be one drawing each week per age category.

• The two catagories are:

Students up to 16 • Adults 17 and Up.

•Each weeks winners will go into the drawing for the grand

prize in each catagory.

• Adult must answer all of the questions correctly.

• Students must answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly.

Enter by Mail: Ada Evening News

P.O. Box 489, Ada, OK 74820

Drop Entry Off: 116 N. Broadway, Ada, OK


Be sure to include: Name, Address, Phone

and Age Category: Student or Adult

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