Tanti Study Club

ADA — The Fine Arts Department of the Tanti Study Club met Tuesday, Nov. 7, at the Compassion Outreach Center. Paula Green introduced Ed Poblete, administrator of the Center, who gave a very informative presentation explaining the purpose and services provided by the center.

Several years ago he and the elders of Central Church of Christ had a vision for providing limited health care and sharing Jesus Christ to those in need. The vision came to fruition in March 2004, and was accomplished by getting many people involved. The care given is dependent upon volunteers; and many individuals, businesses, service institution and various churches provide services, assistance and donations. The clinic is open two nights a month and is staffed with volunteer doctors, nurses, counselors, DHS personnel and others from all over the area. On an average night three to five doctors are available to the patients, and at present time appointments are booked into March 2007.

Members attending were Jane Adair, Sue Asklund, Carol Davis, Sammy Edwards, Paula Green, Treva Gurley, Bryna Lane, Anita Miller, Delores Moore, Z.D. Parker, Susan Payne, Martha Sweatt, Evelyn Tribbey and Dorothy Weiss.

Latta HCE

LATTA — The Latta Home and Community Education Group met for their November meeting at J.D.’s Cafe with Kathryn Floyd, president, presiding. Jan Manuel led the pledge to the flag and the OHCE Creed was said in unison.

Sylvia Brantley gave the devotional on the hymn “Count Your Blessings” and then led in prayer. She encouraged all of us not to be discouraged, even though we may think all is lost. The minutes of the last meeting and treasurer’s report was read and approved. Report on county council meeting and style show was given by Floyd. Roll call was answered with “your favorite recipe.”

November projects were throws for the nursing home. They are to be delivered later. In December the group are to bring house shoes and have a gift exchange.

Because there was no designated lesson, Floyd gave a recap of the Healthy Living Cooking School she attended. The sponsors were OSU and Valley View Regional Hospital. There was a session on “Four Simple Steps to Food Safety” from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Each name tag contained a recipe to make. Some were diabetic recipes. After everyone had finished their dish, it was placed on a large table and there was a tasting session.

After lunch, Debbie Sharp, Murray County extension agent, gave a demonstration on decorating a dining table, how to place silverware and how to make an elf napkin for each place setting. Jessie Welch gave a demonstration on how to weave a place mat out of wide, wired ribbon.

The next meeting will be at J.D.’s on Dec. 12. The meeting adjourned and those attending were Jan Manuel, Sylvia Brantley, Jodie George, Sara Pritchett, Phyllis Estes and Kathryn Floyd.

Square Dance Club

ADA — Hereford Whirlers Square Dance Club met Friday, Nov. 17, at Wintersmith Lodge and danced to the calling of Kenneth Harden.

Lynn Minor presided for the welcome and announcements in the place of Willard and Martha Rhynes, presidents. Turk Barrett led the invocation and flag salute. Special prayers was requested for member Palmer Boeger who was hospitalized as the result of a fall at home.

Special guests for the evening were introductory class members Dave and Jodi Jackson and Larry and Tricia Marlow. Their graduation will be at the Christmas dance on Friday, Dec. 15.

Members present were Turk and Shirley Barrett, Mary Ann Brooks, Neal Beasley, Andy Ellis, Ken and Norine Harden, Elvin and Sue Jaquess, Dot McElveen, Lynn Minor, Joe Marquis, Bill Stribling and Gordon Ward.

The next dance will be Friday evening, Dec. 1, at Wintersmith Lodge. Skip Gates of Wynnewood will be the caller. Visitors are always welcome.


ADA — In the absence of the president, Susie Stevens, Vice President Harriet Weber presided Saturday, Nov. 4, for a luncheon meeting of the Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma at Polo’s Restaurant in Ada. Paula Kedy asked the blessing; after the Flag Salute, members read the Mission Statement and sang the Delta Kappa Gamma song. The motion was made and approved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. .

Anita Robbins gave a very interesting presentation on the value of foreign languages and the use of words in communication, and she led members in a brief exercise illustrating the learning of Spanish words through the use of actions.

Kathleen Lehman, assisted by Harriet Weber and Judy Hisaw, conducted the initiation of new members, B.J. Smith, Byng Public Schools, and Linda Morrison, Ada Public Schools. Door prizes were awarded, and Judy Cowden and Mary Scalf were in charge of a very spirited silent auction. Proceeds from the auction were for the Grants in Aid Scholarship Program.

Members were reminded to bring a gift for the Toys for Tots campaign to the brunch meeting next month at the Aldridge Ballroom. Attending were Mary Scalf, Harriet Weber, Linda Marks, Kathleen Lehman, Judy Cowden, Paula Kedy, Judy Hisaw, Linda Morrison, Anita Robbins, B.J. Smith, Donna Large, Jo Ann Hefley, Becky Hill, Edna Mae Cooley and Sue Jaquess.

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