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The Gathering — a service geared specifically for 20- to 30-year-olds held the first and third Tuesday of each month in TBC’s The Refuge facility — drew 70 attendees at its inaugural service.

Weekend activities and enrollment remain canceled at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf pending the outcome of an investigation into a threat the school received Thursday afternoon.

ECU Social Work Student of the Year and double scholarship winner Rebekah Byrd has attained a position that will allow her to represent undergraduate students across Oklahoma.

The Pontotoc County Get Out the Vote group will offer voters free rides to the polls for the Aug. 28 primary run-off election. Rides will be available between 7 a.m. and 6:15 p.m. on Election Day.

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Space, the final frontier. It’s a lack thereof that is forcing LexiCon, the Stillwater fandom event that continues to grow in population since its inception in 2015, to go boldy where it hasn’t gone before.

Two volunteers in the vegetable garden show their adaptability when fall turns cold and little seems to sprout but winter weeds; these are parsley and cilantro. Used as herbs in the kitchen, their annual rise and demise causes me to plant them with veggies rather than the herb garden. Wherever planted, if given average to rich soil, they thrive. Here’s a closer look.

It’s time to get back to school! As parents and children alike are gearing up for their next adventure, here are some great tips on travel safety to school and healthy living, according to www.healthychildren.org.

Since when has going to school become a situation where safety has to be in the front of our minds? With school starting in Oklahoma, we as a state have already seen one student stabbed by another, police responding to threats at multiple schools and we haven’t even had students in the classroom for more than a couple weeks, in some cases days.

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    SEABROOK, N.H. (AP) - One moment, Matt Tomaszewski was enjoying a sunny day at the beach with his family. The next, he was running to the ocean with his paddleboard to try to save the lives of six swimmers caught in a rip current.

    (RNN) – President Donald Trump believes questioning from special counsel Robert Mueller could be a perjury trap in which he could be framed as lying regardless of what he said, he told Reuters in an interview published on Monday.

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