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Commissioners rejected the inclusion of Call-A-Ride in the task force proposal Monday, and continued to express concern over the inclusion of Central Dispatch, a city of Ada-operated facility.

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The university officially launched two new scholarships and a fellowship in Ulrich’s name and unveiled a memorial bench honoring the beloved political science professor’s dedication to his students and to the university itself.

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Jamie Weston’s first year advising the students who worked on The Cougar Call, Ada High School’s online student newspaper, was a challenging one.

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The Volunteer Citywide Trash Pick-Up Day is today from nine until noon.

The grass that gives a lot of eastern Oklahoma pastures the bronze or copper colored appearance during the fall and winter is broomsedge bluestem, also known as “sage grass.” Broomsedge is a native grass that grows well on sites that have low fertility or pH. It is allopathic, meaning it pro…

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A couple of weeks ago I told you about a bill I’m the Senate principal author for — it would remove the sunset on Oklahoma’s Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board. Created by the Legislature in 2001, the board’s mission was to study all the domestic violence homicides in the state and from…

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  • By James Neal | Staff Writer

ENID, Okla. — Oklahoma ranks 49th in the nation for average teacher pay, according to the Oklahoma Education Association, and 48th in the nation according the National Education Association’s most recent Rankings & Estimates report. Much has been made of those rankings this legislative session, and the fact that Oklahoma’s teacher pay ranks behind surrounding states.

  • By James Neal | Staff Writer

ENID, Okla. — With a nearly $900 million budget shortfall, Oklahoma lawmakers, constituents and interest groups are clamoring for ways to maintain — if not increase — education funding.

  • By James Neal | Staff Writer

ENID, Okla. — Much, if not most, of the discussion surrounding teacher recruitment and retention surrounds pay and benefits. If you want to attract and keep quality teachers, you have to pay more money — so goes the argument.

  • Linda Provost | CNHI News Oklahoma

Spring is often the time of “love in the air” and in the animal kingdom when love is in the air, young soon follow to take advantage of the spring and summer abundance to mature before winter. 


  • David Dishman | CNHI News Oklahoma

Did your mother ever tell you, “Don’t you know, too much of a good thing will make you sick?”

  • Rachael Van Horn | CNHI News Oklahoma

This weekend, quite possibly what might be the worlds largest and yet least known treasure hunt game will find its way to Boiling Spring State Park.

  • Rachael Van Horn | CNHI News Oklahoma

Tiffany Nicholson, 50, of Woodward has transformed her life and all the while volunteering was an integral part of her healing journey.

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  • Sheri Gourd | CNHI News Oklahoma

Mike Shelton admired Franklin Castle for a decade before the opportunity to purchase it and save it arrived. 

National News

  • By Kelsey Snell | The Washington Post

President Donald Trump and White House officials pressed congressional Republicans on Sunday to use the looming threat of a government shutdown to win funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a top priority for the administration as it nears the symbolic 100-day mark.

  • By Sarah Kaplan | The Washington Post

WASHINGTON - Just hours after the Washington March for Science dispersed, organizers sent an email to demonstrators with the subject line, "What's next?"

  • By Graham Milldrum | CNHI News

As Distracted Driving Awareness Month wraps up this week, authorities across the country are pleading with drivers to curb what the National Safety Council calls an epidemic.

  • By Nathaniel P. Morris | Special To The Washington Post

While suicide has long been a public health issue in the United States, leading to more than 40,000 deaths each year, mental health experts are just coming to grips with how the internet influences suicide risk and prevention.

  • By Christopher Stephens | CNHI News

A lawyer from Indiana recently gained attention when he represented actor Harrison Ford in a high-profile case stemming from Ford's botched plane landing at a California airport.

  • By Kristine Phillips | The Washington Post

The date was July 24, 1933. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was sitting behind a desk in the White House's Diplomatic Reception Room. To his left was a microphone, to his right a glass of water. In front of him was his speech, written on a few pieces of paper.

  • By Dan Balz | The Washington Post

The internet is a medium, for all its benefits, that has dark corners populated by anonymous actors (some not even real people) whose influence appears to be growing but not easily measured.

  • By Adam Troxtell | CNHI News

In severe weather events, many who live in Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley are used to seeing storms develop live on television via cameras in helicopters or on the dashboards of storm spotter vehicles. The University of Oklahoma, AT&T and The Weather Channel have taken this idea and supercharged it, installing live cameras on research vehicles and instruments that will, eventually, send radar data back in near-real time.

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