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East Central University has announced new faculty members who started in spring 2017. They include: Marla Lobley — Instructor/Librarian, Linscheid Library

STILLWATER — As the number of hot droughts increases globally, scientists look to solve the difficulty in creating consistent predictions of what will happen to plants and vegetation in the future. A new study published in Nature Ecology and Evolution brought together 62 scientists, led by H…

When Jesus’ most trusted friend, John, the disciple, tells the story of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, he describes how John the Baptist informs two of his followers that Jesus, the Messiah, has just walked by them. They proceed to follow him. 

For decades, the United States has grappled with the unpredictable and dangerous regime of the Kim family, from Kim Jong-il to Kim Jong-un. The world has witnessed human rights violations, economic hardships and the volatility of the Kim government. Moreover, for years, the United States and…

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No matter how you slice it, and no matter what President Trump or anyone else calls it, the killing of Heather Heyer and injuring of at least 19 others in Charlottesville last weekend was an act of domestic terrorism.

  • Jeff Mullin | Enid News & Eagle

We thought modern America was enlightened, had moved past the bad old days of Jim Crow and burning crosses, had begun to truly forge the post-racial society ... We thought we were better than we are.

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  • By Grant D. Crawford | CNHI Oklahoma

The natural water sources within Cherokee County are numerous, but some aren't easy to find, hidden away and touched by few tourists - like one gem on Fourteen-Mile Creek.

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  • By Joe Sylvester | CNHI News

Dave Reilly, director of new media at WHLM News Radio, attended an Aug. 11 rally of white nationalist organizations, which included neo-Nazis and white supremacy groups like the KKK, in Charlottesville, Virginia. He allegedly posted a video of the torch-lit march to YouTube and tweeted support of white supremacists, though his Twitter account is no longer. 

  • By Jill Nolin |CNHI State Reporter

ATLANTA – The loss of local talent will doom communities that don’t have a plan to stop the hemorrhaging of young people, says the head of the state’s Chamber of Commerce.

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  • By Danielle Paquette | The Washington Post

At a time when the Trump administration argues that creating manufacturing jobs is a critical national goal — even coordinating with states on generous subsidy packages to woo blue-collar employers — many factory workers are making a surprising decision: They're quitting.

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