Kicking the habit

Janet Gray shows a product available at J. Gray's Vapor Shoppe in Ada'a downtown Mini Mall Friday, July 26, 2013.

Richard R. Barron

Vapor cigarettes are rapidly replacing standard cigarettes as a healthier option and habit-breaking technique.

Standard cigarettes are filled with chemicals and tar as well as the addictive nicotine.

The vapors, on the other hand, have neither toxic chemicals nor tar. Nicotine is a choice for this ground-breaking product. Customers can choose the level of nicotine they prefer, from a heavy dose or none at all.

Vapor cigarettes consist of a battery, the tank and the juice of choice. 

The battery needs charging when it is fully dead for more than three hours.

The tank houses the juice. The juice is the nicotine and flavoring that allow for the vapors. There are more than 150 flavors in circulation, ranging from tobacco to chocolate.

Janet Gray of J. Gray’s Vapor Shoppe in Ada said smokers are “still getting the nicotine that they are getting addicted to; they just gradually go down rather than trying to quit cold turkey, which makes it a lot easier.”

With this device, there is no secondhand smoke pollution because there is no smoke, only water vapors.

Not only are the vapors healthier, they are cheaper.

Heather Richardson, of Darkside Vapors, said, “The smallest bottle of juice we sell is a 5 milliliter and that is equivalent to five packs of cigarettes and it costs $5. It’s hard to find one pack for $5, let alone five.”

Larry Campbell, who uses vapor cigarettes, said he has been off regular cigarettes for almost eight months. “I went and got one, and like I said, I put my cigarettes down and I haven’t touched them since.”

Smokers who switch over to vapor cigarettes often report feeling rapid change. “Before you get to coughing and all that stuff, now I wake up feeling good every morning. I can breathe better, I feel like I have more energy,” Campbell said.

Campbell and Richardson agreed their sense of smell has come back, and they are relieved to no longer smell of smoke.

A typical starter kit containing the essentials to begin a life of vapor costs $49.95, according Gray. They can also be customized to match to personal desires. 

After obtaining the first set, all that will need to be purchased from there on out is more juice, which can be bought in the smallest bottle for $5 or the largest for $12.

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