I recently wrote a column about how I've gone over to the other side, pertaining to technology. I wrote that I didn't think I could live without certain technological devices which I have come to love. I have recently learned firsthand how I would react if one of those devices went afoul.

My mornings begin with turning on the coffeepot, taking care of other pressing morning issues, and then sitting down in front of my computer with that first cup of fresh coffee as I check my email and surf the net.

The other morning all went as usual until I turned the computer on and tried to connect to my email. No connection detected. ARGH! I looked down at my cable modem to discover there was no cable light on. I went through the procedure one must go through to make sure that all cables are connected properly, and when that didn't solve the issue, I immediately picked up my trusty cell phone (at least one of my newly adored technological devices was working properly) and called the after-hours emergency phone number for my Internet service provider. I mean this was, after all, an emergency!

After finally getting through to a real, live human being, I was told that they would send someone out to check on the lines when they opened for business that morning, that it was most likely an outside cable. Since it was almost time for me to go to work, I didn't get too freaked out about having to wait. After all, I can check my email from work. I informed the person on the other end of the phone that I would be at work.

I happily went about my day, and upon returning home from that long, hard day that you, my reader friends, know that I always have, I found a paper door hanger on my doorknob. It stated that they were sorry they had missed me and that I should call a particular phone number and reschedule a more convenient time. WHAT?!?! Wait, I TOLD them I wouldn't be here.

I breathed in a few times to regain my composure. Hey, they might have corrected the problem outdoors and just left the door hanger to let me know they had been there. I went inside my apartment to discover there was still no Internet connection.

Not quite at the panic stage yet, though rather nervous, I called once again. I was told they did check outside and that they would have to come inside my apartment to replace some cable connections or some such something or another, which meant that I would have to be home. I tried to explain I did work at a newspaper and meeting them at my apartment in the middle of the day could be a problem. They put me down for the latest time they could, which was all they could do, really. After all, how could they possibly know my life was now at a standstill without my Internet to connect me to the rest of the world?

As it happens, I ended up with overtime and was able to meet the workers at the given time, but they did not come bearing good tidings. They informed me that the wiring in the apartments where I live was in a mess, and they would have to run a new line, and they would not be able to do that until Monday. This was Wednesday. How was I to go on? Still, I accepted my fate, for what was I to do? The worker did everything in his power to help me, and he could do no more. No matter how much I wanted to make him stay at my apartment until I was connected to the Internet again, I had to allow him to move on to other customers, who, like myself, were waiting to be helped.

With my newfound free time, I was perplexed. What was I going to do with myself?

I started with washing my dishes.

I then cooked dinner, which, as a general rule, I do not tend to do. It's usually more of a nuke-it or pour-it-in-a-bowl and put-some-milk-on-it kind of affair.

After dinner was over I decided I would watch that movie my co-worker had lent me.

I then decided I would use some of the free time to write one of my columns. This entire ordeal afforded me a topic as well.

The next day, I got a library card, which I have been meaning to do for the past two years but never seemed to have time to do. I also checked out three books I’ve been wanting to read.

Yesterday, when I got home, I looked at my computer desk and noticed it had been moved. I looked down and realized I had Internet connection again. Thinking that perhaps the maintenance man had managed to make earlier arrangements with the workers from my Internet service provider while I was at work, I phoned the company, just to check. No, no new notes on my account, and I was still set up for a service call on Monday.

So, it seems, the Internet fairy visited me. I am back up and running, but now I’ve started one of my new books, and really don’t have time for the Internet.

But at least I know it’s there.

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