Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. This time next month we'll be saying the same thing about Christmas. It doesn't really feel like the holidays because it seems like just yesterday that we were running around in shorts. Oh wait, we WERE. Yes it was about 70 degrees on Thanksgiving. What's next? Swimming on Christmas?

Yes, it was nice to go outside on Thanksgiving and sit on my mom's deck as we allowed our bloated bellies to digest all of the wonderful cuisine we had just devoured. But, I am, by nature, a winter person. Summer weather is supposed to end in September. October and November are supposed to be chilly, with leaves falling from the trees, and brisk winds blowing. And, of course, Christmas is supposed to be white.

Although I realize that it is necessary, and I put up with it just because it is, I cannot stand rain. When it rains, everything is a mess, and gray and dreary and quite depressing, to me. But snow. Snow is my very favorite type of weather. You can't beat it. Yes, snow is nothing more than frozen rain, but, unlike rain, snow falls quietly, gently. The world almost stops, and the snow brings peace and quiet and tranquility to everything.

Snow also brings memories. Memories of years gone by when the first snowfall brought the excitement and thrilling anticipation of the arrival of the fat man wearing the red suit and toting the never-ending bag of toys. Yep, Santa Claus. It seems as if Santa’s tastes changed from house to house. I guess when you are traveling faster than the speed of light, these things tend to happen. For instance, when Santa Claus arrived at our house, he didn’t desire milk with his cookies. He wanted a 20-ounce bottle of Pepsi.

Snow also brought the thrill of hoping with every fiber of your being, that there would be no school the next day. And, if you were lucky enough, and school was cancelled, that didn’t necessarily mean boredom, because then came the snowball fights and the building of snow forts and snow people.

So, even though it’s only less than a month until Christmas, I am still not giving up hope for a white Christmas. I know there are probably a lot of you readers out there who cringe at the thought of snow, but, being a lover of quotes, I found one for you to think about.

“When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels.” — Author Unknown.