I am an "observer" by nature. Believe it or not, most of the time I am rather quiet. Sometimes people interpret that as being a bad thing, but I think it makes me more informed. I think sometimes people either don't notice me, because I blend into the background so well, or they forget I'm there, or perhaps, even think I don't understand things, and therefore, say or do things in front of me that they wouldn't normally say or do in front of others. But, in actuality, I am taking things in, storing information away for a later time. I do, indeed, understand.

A couple of months ago, for instance, I was sitting outside near the back door at work "blending into the background," getting a "breath of fresh air." I heard some scuffling behind me, so I turned and noticed a man standing across the alleyway, smoking. He was dressed nicely, and didn't seem to be much of a threat so I wasn't too concerned for my immediate safety. He turned beet red and approached me.

“I know you're wondering why I was talking to myself. I don't normally do that..." He stammered.

I smiled at the humor of the situation.

"Actually, I just heard footsteps. I didn't hear you talking to yourself, so you see, you got embarrassed for no reason."

"I guess I did," he said as he slinked away, still in obvious embarrassment.

Isn't it funny how we sometimes worry about things that really don't even matter? If that man hadn't said anything, I would never have known he was talking to himself. As well as being an observer, I am also a worrier by nature. A friend of mine once told me being a worrier isn't something you do by "nature." He said it is "learned." Well, however I happened to be that way, I am working on "un-learning" it....overcoming it. I now tend to try to either make a big joke about whatever I have done (as that poor man should have done), or I pretend it didn't happen. It's so much easier than getting all embarrassed and wasting energy.

I'm leaning toward making a quote I recently found, my motto. It makes a lot of sense: “Don't worry about life, you're not going to survive it anyway.” —Author unknown

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