FREDERICK, Md. — PublishAmerica announces the publication of “Anya’s Tail: Book I of the Enfanté Mère” by Kay Simmons, Ada.

This fantasy novel is the story of Anya, who is discovered by her adopted mother along the forest’s edge beside her tortured and dead mother. Her unique physical features make her an outcast and she is constantly threatened and belittled. When she is approached by the Mother Goddess, she is told she belongs to a race that is quickly being wiped out and it is her destiny to put this holocaust to an end.

Simmons was born in 1981 in Richmond, Ind., and attended Richmond High School. From her first job as a late night DJ at WECI to her current job as a waitress she has had the same dream: to be a published author. Now it has finally come true. “Anya’s Tail: Book I of the Enfanté Mère” is her first book.

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