Although the hot summertime weather is conducive to diving right in, owners of private swimming pools, spas and hot tubs within city limits must first take measures to ensure safety or face possible fines.

The city of Ada Code of Ordinances specifies safety measures for accessing pools, including proper fences and gates. The purpose of this ordinance is to restrict access to pools and thereby provide protection against potential drowning danger.

“The idea is to prevent accidents before they happen, of course,” said public safety director Gene Linton. “Little children, disoriented adults, even animals can be protected from an accidental drowning death or injury if the appropriate barriers are in place. And that is one of the city’s primary goals — to keep all residents safe.”

Within Ada city limits, a private pool, spa or hot tub deeper than 24 inches (2 feet) must be completely enclosed by a permanent wall or fence not less than 4 feet high. Also, a pedestrian access gate must open outward, away from the pool, spa or hot tub and must be self-closing.

“Those who own pools and have small children should take extra precautions,” said building inspector David Daffern. “City building codes actually call for an alarm, latch or lock on the dwelling door that leads out to the pool. Again, this is to prevent serious accidents and provide the homeowner with a little more protection.”

Violation of the city’s pool restriction ordinance or pool-related building codes could result in a $500 fine plus court costs.

Pool, spa and hot tub owners who have questions about the ordinance or building codes may contact Daffern at 436-8150.

For more information about the city of Ada, visit the city's Web site at

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