Wayne Bean

Wayne Bean

A man who was charged Wednesday with lewd molestation was found dead Thursday at his home.

Wayne Keith Bean, 70, of Ada was found dead of a gunshot wound.

Authorities believe it may have been self-inflicted. Ada police were still on scene investigating at press time Thursday.

Bean was charged in Pontotoc County District Court with three counts of lewd molestation after an investigation by Ada police.

Ada Police Detective Brian Engel opened the investigation May 31.

“During my investigation, three females disclosed they had been inappropriately touched by a man named Wayne Bean,” Engel said in a report. “The three females stated the touching occurred while they were riding a church bus back and forth from their homes to the Ada Baptist Temple.”

The girls, all under the age of 14, told police Bean rode the bus with them and assisted on the bus. The allegations came to light after one of the girls refused to ride the bus one Sunday. The girl told her mother the reason for refusing, so her mother contacted parents of other children, two of which also claimed Bean inappropriately touched them as well.

The girls were interviewed at Ada Care Cottage. The girls said Bean touched them in various areas of their bodies and would kiss them on the lips.

One girl said she felt “sad and sick” while another girl said she felt weird and scared” after the unwanted touching and kissing.

Engel said he learned that Bean was a suspect in a case of inappropriate acts against a child in 2005. The alleged acts then also occurred while bean was an assistant on the church bus, according to the accuser who is now in her 20s. No charges were filed in that case.

Engel interviewed the woman about what occurred in 2005.

“(The alleged victim) stated in 2005, she was attending church at Ada Baptist Temple and became close with Bean,” Engel said. “She stated she rode the bus to church and over some time, Bean started taking her home in his car. She stated Bean would also take her places and buy her things. (She) recalled Bean attempting to touch her legs several times and attempts to kiss her. (She) stated this upset her and she stopped going places with Bean.”

Engel interviewed Bean in July and obtained consent to search his computer.

“I later reviewed pornographic videos from Bean’s computer showing older men engaging in sexual acts with females who appear and are portrayed to be very young,” Engel said. “It is not clear of the females’ exact age.”

Bean was booked into the Pontotoc County Justice Center Tuesday and later posted a $250,000 and was released.

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