A minor vehicle crash led to the arrests of two people Monday.

Arrested were Kenneth Raymond Smith, 31, and Cameron D’Andre Seals, 23, both of Ada. The wreck occurred at the intersection of Seventh and Mississippi just before 5 p.m.

Before police arrived, witnesses told 911 central dispatch two men involved in the wreck ran from the scene headed west.

Ada Police Officer Brian Engel said while searching for the suspects, he located the two men, who fit the descriptions of the two who fled the scene, at the intersection of Sixth and Constant.

Engel said the men were getting into a gold Pontiac car. Engel pulled in front of the vehicle and activated his emergency lights just before the two suspects got out of the car and ran west.

“I got out of my unit and told the driver of the gold car to stay there and ran after the two males yelling at them to stop,” Engel said. “At that time the gold car took off around my patrol car at a high rate of speed, spinning its tires.”

While chasing the two suspects, Engel was flagged down by a good Samaritan who said one of the men was hiding in a trash dumpster in the 200 block of Constant.

“I ordered the suspect out of the dumpster and arrested him for resisting an officer,” Engel said. “The suspect was later identified as Cameron Seals.”

Police transported Seals to Pontotoc County Justice Center where they received information he may have been carrying a bag allegedly with drugs inside.

“Sergeant Casey Northcutt went back to the dumpster where I had found Mr. Seals hiding and he located a blue bag in the dumpster,” Engel said. “Northcutt stated inside the bag were five small clear bags containing a white crystal substance and a large clear bag containing 30 white oval pills with the number R180 on them.”

Engel said police also located an Oklahoma Access food stamp card inside the bag which was registered to Cameron Seals, $101 in cash and a set of brass knuckles.

Seals was arrested on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, Engel said.


• The gold Pontiac

While police were chasing the suspects, Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Deputy T.J. Heath was on Sixth Street when a gold Pontiac Bonneville sped past him, he said. Heath initiated a pursuit but lost sight of the vehicle which he estimated was going 70 miles-per-hour down Sixth Street.

“I approached the intersection of Daggs and Sandy Creek and I observed the vehicle pulling into the second entrance of Sandy Creek Trailer Park,” Heath said. “I was able to follow the dust trail that led me behind (the trailer) where the gold Bonneville was parked. As I pulled into the trailer park I observed a white male, later identified as Kenneth Smith, running into the front door.”

Deputies surrounded the trailer. Heath said Smith came out of the trailer and allegedly gave a false name and said he fled because he didn’t have a driver’s license. Smith’s girlfriend, who lives in the trailer, told deputies his real name and said she wanted to press charges against him because he didn’t have her permission to drive her car, the gold Pontiac.

“I spoke with Kenneth again and asked him why he gave me a false name and he advised because he knew that he had outstanding warrants and didn’t want to go to jail,” Heath said. “I asked (Smith) why he was driving like he was and he advised that he was sitting at home and Cameron Seals called him and told him that he had been in a wreck and needed a ride. Kenneth Smith advised that the reason he didn’t stop is because Seals had a back pack with him and said there was narcotics inside the bag. Kenneth Smith thought the bag was still in his vehicle.”

Smith was arrested on suspicion of speeding, reckless driving, improper stopping on roadway, unauthorized use of vehicle, resisting officers, providing false information to a police officer, driving in a manner not reasonable and proper, driving without a license, having warrants and attempting to elude police officers.

The other suspect who ran from the wreck was not found.

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