TISHOMINGO — “Celebrate International Migratory Bird Day at the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge Saturday, ” stated Earl Brewer, president of TREES (Tishomingo Refuge Ecology and Educational Society).

The second of a series of workshops will be held at the refuge headquarters building located southeast of Tishomingo. Classes of instruction and field trips for beginner and intermediate birders will begin at 8:30 a.m. “The day will begin in the classroom and then groups will be formed for field trips,” Jona Reasor, Wildlife Biologist for the refuge stated.

In celebrating International Migratory Bird Day, Dr. Doug Wood, professor of zoology, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant, will be demonstrating the netting and banding process of the Prothonotary Warbler. “This bird makes a stopover at the refuge each year and the banding process each year lets us know of any migration changes that might occur,” Dr. Wood said.

The prothonotary warbler is a golden bird of bottomland hardwood forests; its entire head and breast are bright yellow with blue-gray wings. It’s range is from the Great Lakes area to the Gulf states. It winters in southeast Mexico into Colombia and Venezuela.

Instructors include: Dr. Doug Wood and Jerry Dodds, intermediate class; Jona Reasor and Earl Brewer, beginner class.

The workshop is limited to 20 people per class and pre-registration is required. A donation of $10.00 to TREES is being accepted and will cover the lunch which will be held at the headquarters building.

Donations should be mailed to: Vickie Luster, P.O. Box 644, Tishomingo, OK 63460. Reservations can be made by contacting Luster at: 580-371-3606; 580-257-1818 (or by e-mail: vluster7@duracom.net vluster7@duracom.net.) or Jona Reasor at the refuge (580-371-2402).