PONTOTOC COUNTY — Workers who saw a 10-foot Burmese python found along a Pontotoc County road recently said they’re glad the enormous snake didn’t harm anyone before it was disposed of.

The 10-foot python was recently discovered in the Union Valley area. The apparently turned-out pet was lying in a ditch when a Pontotoc County worker, Charlie Collins, who was mowing the area, happened upon the snake.

Once he discovered the python, Collins killed it for safety reasons and took it back to the county barn to show his fellow workers.

“He didn’t think we would believe him if he just left it there,” District #3 Pontotoc County Commissioner Winford Wood said.

Winford believes the python was once a pet. “I bet that one got too big for the house,” he said.

“People need to dispose of their animals in a responsible way because this is a hazardous situation,” he said.

“People need to be aware a snake this size could eat a baby calf, a dog, or even a child playing in their yard.”

County worker Darrell Prince said he was shocked at the snake’s size, and wondered how long it had been loose in the county.

“It was big,” Prince said. “It kind of worries me that a snake like that has been out wandering around the county.”

“I mean, a snake like that could kill a kid if the child was small enough.”

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