We have a very personal and universal Thank You to share with your readers. 

Recently, my husband and I were at Folger’s in Ada. He had just finished an MRI at Mercy Hospital and thought he could eat a Folger’s hamburger, so of course we went. They were very busy, as usual. 

 My husband has lung cancer. We ordered and another group sat next to us that had four people in their party. (Anyone in Ada knows how limited seating is at Folger’s). We had just ordered and our waitress brought us our drinks when my husband needed to go home. I told the lady sitting next to us that we had to leave and the rest of her group could have our seats. We had talked briefly about Folger’s and her company, one man from California and one from Little Rock.

 I walked my husband to the car and had asked for our order to go. The waitress was so nice and bagged it for us and when I tried to pay, she said it had been taken care of and glanced at the lady I had visited with. I went over to thank her, and she was so kind and gracious it brought tears to my eyes. 

 There are still such good people in Ada, Oklahoma. We could well afford to pay for our lunch, but the point is someone wanted to do something thoughtful for us, because just looking at my husband, you know he is very ill. We hope she knows that it was appreciated and that it will be paid forward. I will always be looking for that opportunity to repay her for her kindness and would like to encourage everyone reading this to do the same. 

 We never know when that person who needs a smile will be us. We do not know your name and do not need to, but you are special and will not be forgotten. Thank you so very much. 

— Linda Barnett, Ada 

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