By Randy Mitchell

City Editor

ADA — Ada police are searching for a restaurant employee and more than $4,000 in cash missing since Friday.

An employee of the Jack in the Box restaurant in Ada, Amy Nyberg, did not show up for work Friday and police aren’t sure at this point if she was taken by force or if she embezzled $4,256 found missing from the restaurant’s safe the same day.

Officer Michael O’Connor responded Friday morning to speak with the manager, Jeffrey Hoover, and another employee, Amber Abney. Abney called Hoover to inform him Nyberg, the morning crew’s team leader, hadn’t opened the store yet and money used to fill registers plus some deposits, were missing.

“Hoover said both the outer and inner safe doors were opened and two deposits and the money used to open the restaurant was missing,” O’Connor said. “Hoover said he and a former employee, Richard Foster, were the only people with the combination to the inner safe door.”

Restaurant employees and staff told police they did not know if Foster and Nyberg were in a relationship.

“Abney said she feared Foster took Nyberg by force,” O’Connor said.

Detective Tracy Jackson said Foster, 37, is the prime suspect in a previous embezzlement from Jack in the Box in mid October where $12,000 in cash deposits and register money came up missing.

A felony warrant was issued for Foster concerning the alleged embezzlement and Jackson said he believes Foster is in Las Vegas, Nev., hiding from police. Police do not know if Nyberg, 18, is with Foster.

“All we know is there’s some money missing and there’s an employee missing,” Jackson said. “We don’t know if she’s the victim of an abduction or a conspirator or what, we don’t know yet."

When asked how missing deposits from the previous embezzlement could have been overlooked, Jack in the Box Area Manager Earl Donahue said the company is in a state of transition and it had been overlooked.

Anyone with information about the crime or the whereabouts of Nyberg or Foster can phone CrimeStoppers at 33CATCH or 332-2824 and remain anonymous.

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