ADA—An employee of Sally Beauty Supply who had reportedly stolen $4,500 worth of merchandise from the store was charged with a felony Thursday.

Courtney Raelynn Cowen, 19, Ada, was charged with embezzlement by employee in Pontotoc County District Court.

According to an affidavit obtained by the Court Clerk’s Office, Ada police were dispatched to the store concerning shoplifting.

The district manager of Sally Beauty Supply told police she had video of Cowan stealing and passing approximately $4,500 worth of merchandise over the last six months. The district manager gave police a hand written confession by Cowan admitting she had stolen the merchandise, the report said.

After reading Cowan her Miranda rights, Ada police asked her if she had written the confession of her own free will and she replied yes.

Cowan told police she had stolen approximately $4,500 dollars worth of merchandise, the report said. Cowan said on several occasions her friends had come into the store and she had pretended to ring up the merchandise and act as if she had completed the sale.

She told police on some occasions she had taken items herself, according to the report.

Cowan was arrested and taken to the police department where officers obtained a recorded confession from her. She was booked in and released of her own recognizance by Judge Landrith, the report said.

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