ADA — The winter weather may have put area residents on hold Thursday, but sales were up for Ada stores O'Reilly Auto Parts, Wal-Mart and Blockbuster video.

“We sold out of de-icer and ice scrapers,” O'Reilly manager Jerry Abney said. “We were out of those by noon.”

According to Abney, the store had approximately 400 cans of the ice remover on hand and sold out within a four hour period.

Ada's Wal-Mart also sold many cans of ice removing equipment, along with basic food necessities.

“We sold out of all of our de-icer and ice melt,” Donnie Schroeder, Wal-Mart manager said. “We also sold a lot of chili meat and stew meat, milk, eggs and water, we sold lots of water. We had a big day Wednesday and had a super increase.”

Jennifer Burns, manager at Blockbuster Video, also reiterated the same statement about Thursday's sales, stating that the store was really busy and had a lot more business than a typical weekday.

According to the Ada Greenhouse, the winter weather dropped a total of 2.5 inches of snow Thursday, in addition to 1.25 inches of precipitation within a two-day period.

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