By Eric Swanson

Staff Writer

ADA — Ada will have to tighten its belt next year because the local economy hasn’t rebounded from the national recession yet.

Ada City Council approved a $58.79 million budget for fiscal year 2012-13, finance director Donna Doolen said Wednesday in an email. The budget is only slightly higher than the city’s spending plan for the current fiscal year.

The city’s budget relies heavily on sales tax revenues, which account for approximately 70 percent of general fund dollars, Doolen said. She said sales tax revenues may increase slightly in 2012-13, due to the sluggish economic recovery.

She said the city does not receive property tax revenues for general operations, and it does not have any general obligation bonds which are financed through property tax collections.

“The only funds received by the city of Ada through this means are for judgments where the courts have adjudicated us to pay for personal or property damage,” Doolen said. “This number will not be available until August. However, the mill levy requested by the city this past year was 1.32 mills.”

She said the mill levy may be a little higher in 2012-13 due to additional court judgments, but those figures will not be available until August.

Next year’s budget does not require the city to make any changes to current programs or services.

Doolen said the city’s spending priorities for next year include protecting water rights, building a new water tower on the south side of town and replacing the head works at the sewer treatment plant. Other projects include building facilities for the police, fire and 911 departments, constructing a softball complex and improving the intersection of Mississippi Avenue and Arlington Boulevard.

Councilman Dick Scalf said Wednesday he was satisfied with next year’s budget.

“We do what we can with what we’ve got,” he said.

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