ADA — With rain expected to continue throughout the weekend, it seems there is no end in sight. And while some may have had to cancel plans due to the weather, some are losing time and money.

“It’s made it pretty difficult,” Justin McDaniel, OSU Extension educator said. “Last year we didn’t have any rain, and this year we’ve had so much that we can’t get hay cut and baled.”

According to a report released by the National Weather Service Thursday, Oklahoma City recorded rainfall for the 16th straight day, two days longer than the previous record, set from May 29 to June 11 in 1937.

“A lot of times, it seems our normal weather is defined by extremes,” Chris Sohl, a Norman-based National Weather Service meteorologist said.

“It’s been really slow,” Sherri West, operator of a fireworks stand located on Latta Road said.

“We only average about 15 people a day, because a lot of days the rain causes us to shut down because it blows in the tent.”

According to Sohl, a low-pressure system has been stalled over Oklahoma and Texas for several days and is smashed between two high-pressure systems.

“The Low-pressure system provides enough instability so that when we add a little bit of heat in the afternoon, it doesn’t take much to bump up some pretty heavy rains,” he said. “It reminds you of what it must be like in the tropics. In a half-hour's time, it can drop down an inch or two (of rain) if you've got a heavy one going.

“Now that everything is saturated, the percentage of runoff isn't very high.”

Ada Farmer Mike Casady said even though the rain has been a welcome change from last year, it still remains a hindrance.

“Well it’s a whole lot better than last year with the drought with the grass, but we can’t get into the fields to get it,” he said. “It’s a good to have the moisture but too much of it is not too good either.”

According to the Ada Greenhouse, 38.56 inches of rain has fallen this year, as compared to only 13.41 inches at this same time last year.

Weather forecasters were calling for partly to mostly cloudy skies this weekend, with a continued chance of rain for the next seven days.

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