BYNG — Byng City Hall had a full house at the April 11 meeting to consider dissolution of Rural Water District 2.  Fifty-three families, owners of meters in the district,  were present as were several visitors.  After discussion, the group voted, and the measure for dissolution passed with 45 voting for the measure and eight against it.

However, dissolution is a process rather than an action with immediate results.  Consideration by County Commissioners is the next step; from there various committees and boards dealing with rural water will also be a part of the legalities involved.    Charles Barrick, manager, hopes the matter will be resolved within a few months although some water districts have been in the process almost a year.

The Board, which includes two new members, Nathan Matthews and Pat Engel, will probably have several more meetings as Byng makes the transition into becoming customers of the Ada Water Department.  Other members are Rick Woodward, Kenneth Knight, and George Milligan.

When the process is completed, Byng customers can expect a 50 percent increase in their water bill.  In other words, says Charles Barrick, if a person has been getting a $24 water bill for two months, his new bill will probably be $36.   The $300,000 the water district has accumulated over the years will be placed in a special fund for line maintenance.

Prayer warriors come in all sizes, and although Taylor Goodwin is only 12 years old, he has been tenacious and untiring in praying for his grandmother. He is thrilled that his prayers may be answered.  Taylor, a former Byng resident who now lives in McAlester with his mother, Kim, and his twin sister, Chloe, is aware that prayers don’t always get answered the way we’d like them.   He lost his father, Pat, to colon cancer several years ago.   Then his grandfather, Glen Moody, was killed instantly in a car crash near McAlester and his grandmother, Sylvia Moody,  was critically injured. 

Mrs. Moody suffered a massive stroke a few days later and was transported to Tulsa.  Doctors there said half her brain, including the brainstem, showed no activity, and they told the family that they doubted that she would live more than a few days.   Two of Mrs. Moody’s daughters acquired legal custody of her and had her returned to McAlester where doctors concurred with the Tulsa staff that she would never make any progress.

It seemed for a time that they had been correct.  Each time the family visited, they found Mrs. Moody comatose and unresponsive.  They tried to prepare the children for the fact that they would soon lose their grandmother, but Taylor refused to accept the verdict.  “I don’t believe it.  I’m praying so hard for her.  Sometimes I wake at night and pray for her.  I believe she’ll get well.”

Last week, when Taylor went to see her, Mrs. Moody looked directly at him, and said, “Hi, Taylor.  I love you so much.”

All the doctors connected with Mrs. Moody’s case are amazed and calling hers a “miraculous” recovery.  She is continuing to make progress, and there is a possibility that she will go home next week.

Paternal grandparents of the Goodwin twins are Jim and Betty Goodwin, Byng.


Freda Flatt is recuperating more slowly than she likes from arthroscopic knee surgery to repair broken cartilage.  She says she had no idea what happened.  “I’d been painting old missions in the San Antonio area with a group of Texas artists. I did a lot of walking, but that’s not unusual.  I came home with a sore knee.  I went to an orthopedic doctor and learned that I had torn some cartilage and needed surgery.  While I was waiting for the operation, I went to a workshop on oil painting taught by Rick McClure in Oklahoma City.  I’m so glad I did, for it is absolutely the best workshop I’ve ever attended.  You’d think by now that I wouldn’t get excited about a class, but I learned so much.  I was in quite a lot of pain for several days after my surgery, but I’ve begun improving. I hope to have the stitches out Monday.  I want to hurry and get well because I plan to paint the Vermillion Cliffs beyond the North Rim at Grand Canyon this summer, and I want to be in good shape for that.”

Freda and Bob spent a great deal of time in Colorado and Arizona last year, and she did several paintings at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, then.


The reunion of Byng Class of ’71 is on June 17, so there is no conflict with the all-school reunion of June 24.  That’s good  news ; now I can make both of them!   The class of ’71 has found all except two classmates.  They are Gale Fraley McGuire and Steven Craig Jackson.  If anyone has any information on them, contact either Paula Canida Sturdevant (580) 332-2827 or Carlton Tilley (580) 436-1432.

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