Oklahomans who want to elect the nominee of a political party should make sure they are registered correctly no later than Monday, May 31, according to Marilyn McDaniel, secretary of the Pontotoc County Election Board.  

May 31 is the last day for registered voters to change their political affiliation, McDaniel said.

Each political party can nominate one candidate per office for the November General Election.  If two or more candidates from the same party file for one office, the party nominee is selected at either the Primary or Runoff Primary Election.

Only voters registered in a political party can vote to select that party’s nominees.  Voters not registered in a party (Independents) cannot vote for party candidates in primary elections.  Oklahoma has two recognized political parties in 2010: the Democratic and Republican Parties.  

Applications to register to vote or to change political affiliation are available at the Pontotoc County Election Board office, 131 W 13th,  tag agents, post offices; public libraries; state offices providing public assistance; and at most political party and candidate campaign offices.  They can also be downloaded from the Oklahoma State Election Board website http://elections.ok.gov

Because, Monday, May 31 is a county, state and federal holiday, voters need to make sure their applications are delivered in person to one of the agencies listed above or postmarked before May 31.    

If anyone has questions, they should phone the Pontotoc County Election Board at 580-332-4534.

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