Tuesday, voters will head to the polls to vote for several offices and to vote on numerous state questions.

Some analysts expect a record turnout in this midterm election.

Eight state offices are up for grabs.

For governor, Mary Fallin (R) and Jari Askins (D) vie for the office while Todd Lamb (R), Kenneth Corn (D) and Richard Prawdzienski (I) run for lieutenant governor.

Gary Jones (R) and Steve Burrage (D) face-off for state auditor and inspector; Scott Pruitt (R) and Jim Priest (D) vie for attorney general; Ken Miller (R) and Stephen E. Covert (D) run for state treasurer.

Two Ada area residents, Susan Paddack (D) and Richard E. Cooper (I), challenge each other along with Janet Barresi (R) of Edmond for superintendent of public instruction.

Mark Costello (R) and Lloyd L. Fields (D) vie for commissioner of labor while John Doak (R) and Kim Holland (D) face-off for insurance commissioner.

The U.S. Senator Office is also up for election this year. Incumbent Tom Coburn (R) faces challengers Jim Rogers (D), Stephen P. Wallace (I) and Ronald F. Dwyer (I) to keep his office.

A total of six justices are up for retention as well. In the Oklahoma Supreme Court, Steven W. Taylor (District 2) and James R. Winchester (District 5) will be decided for retention. In the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, Deborah B. Barnes (District 2, Office 1), Doug Gabbard II (District 3, Office 1), John F. Fischer (District 3, Office 2) and Larry E. Joplin (District 4, Office 2) are up for retention.

Pontotoc County voting precincts 63, 68 and 98 will vote on a state representative for District 22. Allie Burgin (R) and Wes Hilliard (D) vie for that office.

Election polls will open Tuesday at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

For a full sample ballot, see page 3B in today’s edition of Ada Evening News.

In Pontotoc County, the election board reminds voters in-person absentee voting will continue on Monday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

During the election Tuesday, special assistance will be offered to the physically disabled who cannot enter the polling place, physically disabled persons needing help marking ballots inside the polling place, blind or visually disabled voters, and Illiterate voters. If a person falls into this group, a person may be assisted by a person the voter chooses as long as that person is not from the voter’s employer or union.

For more information about voting, phone the county election board at 580-332-4534.

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