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Mary Cowles marks her ballott at the Pontotoc County Election Board building on 13th street to vote Tuesday morning, Nov. 2, 2010.

Richard R. Barron
Ada Evening News

Republican candidates swept state-wide elections Tuesday and almost swept Pontotoc County elections.  

The only exceptions to the rule came in county elections for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and State Representative for District 22.

Susan Paddack carried her home county with 65 percent over Janet Barresi’s 30 percent, but Barresi ultimately won 56 percent of the state’s vote over Paddack’s 38 percent to become State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Wes Hilliard, State Representative for District 22, was the other winning Democrat in the county, with 61 percent of the vote over Allen Burgin’s 39 percent.

Mirroring the state, Pontotoc County consistently voted Republican in the other state-wide races.

Mary Fallin became Governor with 60 percent of the vote over Jari Askins’ 40 percent.  Todd Lamb won the seat of Lieutenant Governor over Democrat Kenneth Corn and Independent Richard Prawdzienski.  Gary Jones beat Steve Burrage to become State Auditor and Inspector.  Scott Pruitt defeated Jim Priest to take the seat of Attorney General.  Ken Miller became State Treasurer over Stephen E. Covert.  Mark Costello beat Lloyd L. Fields to become Commissioner of Labor.  John Doak beat Kim Holland to win the seat of Insurance Commissioner and Tom Coburn retained his seat as United States Senator over Democrat Jim Rogers and Independents Stephen P. Wallace and Ronald F. Dwyer.

In the Oklahoma Supreme Court, Steven W. Taylor and James R. Winchester were both retained.  

Voters also retained Deborah B. Barnes, Doug Gabbard II, John F. Fischer and Larry E. Joplin in the Court of Civil Appeals.

All state questions passed except for 744 and 754.  State question 744 would have seen Oklahoma getting its education funding formula from the average of surrounding states.  Question 754 would have kept funding formulas similar to 744’s off future ballots.

Questions 746 (requires identification to vote), 747 (imposes term limits), 748 (expands commission for legislative reapportionment), 750 (changes signature requirements on inititave and referendum petitions), 751 (makes English and Native American languages official Oklahoma languages), 752 (modifies composition of Judicial Nominating Commission), 755 (bans use of Sharia and International laws), 756 (allows health care opt-out) and 757 (increases allowed surplus revenue) all passed.

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