ADA — Special assistance will be offered to four groups of voters at the Nov. 4, 2008 general election, Pontotoc County Election Board officials said today.

Voters who cannot enter the polling place because of physical disabilities, voters who need help marking their ballot because of physical disabilities, voters with visual disabilities, and voters who cannot read may be assisted by a person of their own choosing. In all these cases, the person who provides assistance to the voter may not be the voter’s employer or an agent of the employer or an officer or agent of the voter’s union. A person who provides assistance to a voter must swear or affirm that the voter’s ballots will be marked in accordance with the voter’s wishes.

However, instead of seeking assistance from another person, these voters may choose to vote independently by telephone. Telephone voting is available upon request at the voter’s polling place on Election Day. It is also available at the County Election Board office during early voting on Friday, Nov. 3; Saturday, Nov. 4; and Monday, Nov. 6. An election official dials into the telephone voting system and selects the voter’s correct ballot from a menu of options. The voter then listens to the ballot over the telephone and makes selections using the telephone keypad. The voter may review and, if necessary, change any selection and may hear all choices read back before finally casting the ballot.

Other services are available at the polling place as well. Voters who have moved since the last election, but who have not transferred their voter registration to their new addresses may go back to their old polling place to vote. While there, they may fill out a form instructing the County Election Board to transfer their voter registration to their new address before the next election.

Also, the next of kin of voters who have died, but whose registrations still are in the book, may cancel those registrations by filling out a form at the polling place.

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