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By Justin Lofton

Staff Writer

Pontotoc County Agri-plex general manager Victor Bolen announced he will be running for Pontotoc County District 3 county commissioner.

“I’ve always been interested in county government,” Bolen said.  “I really became interested in it when I became the agri-plex manager.  I feel like I can do a good job with it.”

Bolen has been at the agri-plex for four years.  During that time, he said, total revenue for the agri-plex has increased 178 percent.  Bolen said the motel tax helped revenue at the agri-plex.

“I have a good work relationship with all my clients out there,” he said.  “There’s a lot of business going on out there.”

Bolen has been involved in farming and ranching for most of his life.  He has been a member of Oklahoma Farm Bureau for 15 years and was manager of Thomas Ranch for six years.

“My granddad was a rancher,” he said.  “I learned a lot from Jimmy Thomas, too.”

Bolen, a life-time Stonewall resident and Stonewall High School graduate, currently serves as chair of  Stonewall Public Schools board of education and has been part of the Stonewall Volunteer Fire Department for 10 years.

In his spare time, Bolen enjoys various outdoor activities.

“I’ve got cows.  I hunt and fish.  I’ve got a son and we like to ride four-wheelers and go camping — just anything outdoors. I just like being outside,” he said.

He said his communication and decision-making skills give him the experience necessary to be county commissioner.

“When you make decisions, they don’t only affect us today but they can affect our kids down the line,” Bolen said.  “I’m pretty open-minded about things.  I listen and try to work out the best solution for the problem.”

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