Of the items on Monday’s Coalgate City Council agenda, one was designed to help ensure sexual offenders stay away from children.

The item, City Ordinance 182, was passed by council and would require those who operate ice cream trucks to sign a statement indicating they are not registered sexual offenders.

“Basically, they’ll have to sign a statement stating they’re not on the sexual offender list and we can do a background check to make sure they’re not on it,” said City Manager Roger Cosper. “It would also allow city officials to run a background check before they are granted a permit to sell in the city.”

A heavily discussed issue was a TORT claim filed against the city by Dale Ennis, an owner of rent homes. The city reportedly condemned and demolished a house owned by Ennis on Broadway in December 2009. Cosper said the city sent Ennis a bill for the cost of the demolition which Cosper said he did not pay. The city later placed a lien on his property.

“During that time when we were cleaning the property, he said we damaged his property next to it — a two-story house,” Cosper said.

Ennis filed the claim in the amount of $4,022, according to records.

Tray Gray, Coalgate city attorney, said the TORT claim was not filed within a 12-month period and was therefore not legitimate. The measure was voted down by council.

Council again discussed the question of whether or not golf carts should be allowed on city streets. Council viewed an example of the town of Allen’s ordinance but took no action. Council spoke to a man in attendance who wanted to use his golf cart and asked him to circulate a petition among other residents who want to use golf carts on city streets.

Council is interested in seeing if there are enough people involved to warrant a city ordinance. Also on the agenda was a recommendation to allow officials to close Stacy Street during Kid’s Day Bash May 21. The measure passed.

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